Over-The-Top Solutions

Your one-stop solution to bridge the technology gap and deliver content securely and efficiently across multiple platforms.

Quality & Fast Playback

No more glitches, buffering and missing out on the video playback experience. We develop quality system for best user’s experience.

Videos on Demand

Ability to record live channels that allows users to watch it on demand. 

Live Streaming

Simply connect your device to the internet and you are ready to stream your favourite sport channels. 

Download to Play

Download your videos and watch it anywhere without bursting your data plan.

Video Measurement & Analytics

Observe the behaviour of your viewers to improve the video experience. This helps the management to make better business decisions.

Multi-Platform Compatibility

Our products can support iPhone, Android Phone, Web, Smart TV, Apple TV and Connected TV .


Protect your videos from being unauthorised download, recording or redistribution with the use of our multi-DRM video monitoring system.


Allows tagging and selling of products related to Video. We can integrate with various payment platforms.

Domain and Geo restrictions

We have the capabilities to restrict access to digital content based on the user’s location, maintaining the Digital Rights Management.

User Engagements

Contents discovery can be a headache. Our prized ergonomic design for complex content display allows user to find their desired programs easily in any screens.

Mobile Solutions

Our goal is to develop a flexible platform that allows integration with authorized sub-systems to consume data seamlessly.

iOS Development

Build an iPhone or iPad Application from scratch or enhance your current application to give the best user experience.

Android Development

Android consists of devices of different sizes and resolutions. Let us build you an application to suit all devices running on Android.

Marketing Campaign

We support Marketing and Voucher Management Systems, allowing upselling and promotions to be done easily.

Language Localization

We support Unicode design with smart language detection algorithm, allowing users to seamlessly switch and view contents in their native language.

Video Measurement & Analytics

Observe the behaviour of your viewers to improve the video experience. This helps the management to make better business decisions.

Multi-Platform Compatibility

Our products can support iPhone, Android Phone, Web, Smart TV, Apple TV and Connected TV .


Sports is in our blood! We are able to process data from OPTA and implement it in your application to get live updates, news, and more.

Planning & Prototype

Focusing on your business needs, we will contribute ideas and plan the best solution. We will also provide a a prototype to help in making decisions.

Apple Pay & Android Pay

Integrate with various payment methods and implement purchases within app, efficiently and securely.

Cloud Messaging

Send notifications or messages to targeted audience. We can also implement in-app chat support to improve user experience.

Performance Monitoring

Get data and an insight of your application on your users’ device. This helps to get to the bottom of an issue quickly with analysis.

Remote Configuration

Set various features to be configured remotely, so that latest contents can be published without releasing new builds.

Software Development Solutions​​​

Our software solutions with periodic updates helps test your ideas and ensure the best version of it before development.

Content Management System

A cloud-based platform where you can manage and optimize content for a better digital experience for your users.

Back-End Support

A powerful back-end support to maintain huge amounts of data and processes is the backbone to all systems, and we provide the best.


Manage large networks and organisations with an infrastructure software, which can be implemented on the cloud or on-premise.


We plan a structured solution that meets all business and system requirements that is flexible, scalable and reliable.

Efficient Data Exchange

A well-organised system to support large volumes of data, allowing seamless data exchange and with a data schema that meets business requisites.

Data Protected and Secure

Be it locally or on the cloud, security has proven to be one of the biggest concerns for businesses. Let us assure you that your data is safe with us.

Cross Platforms

With multiple platforms available today, we develop our softwares to be compatible, making  use of their native SDKs and players.


Fast-changing business environments and the growth of technology requires a flexible solution to ensure success in such a dynamic environment.

OPTA Data Processing

We are proud to be partners with Opta. With our data processor, you will stay updated with real-time updates, news and live events.


We integrate with subsystems to form an efficient relationship, which is essential to develop a well-structured solution.

Internet of Things Solutions​

Detect and resolve issues remotely by staying connected to your devices at the tip of our fingertips instead of the manual method.

Stay Connected

The purpose of IoT is to connect to all devices regardless of distance or time. Now, you can receive updates anytime and anywhere.

Gain Control

Be connected to all your devices across multiple locations with the ability to track every device and control the device remotely.

Real-Time Accuracy

Receive real-time updates, alerts, and notifications with accuracy so as to avoid any miscalculations.

Remote Monitoring

Monitor data of all connected devices from multiple platforms, under the maintenance of privacy and security.

Data Visualisations

A visual output of the data collected to provide a clearer picture and a deeper insight of trends to provide valuable information for your business.

Set Warning Conditions

Receive alerts when systems exceed limited threshold  (warning) so that operation team can rectify the problem as quickly as possible.

Data Analytics

Collect data, validate it, analyse the trend, and interpret results to help your business make significant decisions.

Simultaneous Management

Simultaneously manage a diverse set of numerous IoT devices, gateways or systems with our highly-scalable solution.