About Us

We provide only true quality solutions, alongside commitment and passion to support your business visions.


A young and energetic company established in 2015, Infinit Group is a growing team of professionals specializing in IT Solutions. Our journey began as a team who developed a multimedia streaming solution for Singtel, the biggest telecommunication company in Singapore. We built an end-to-end solution and gradually added enhancements, delivering Singtel TV GO and Singtel Cast. Singtel TV Go hosts many rich features — live TV streaming, videos on demand, and soccer match data. The system is supported by our reliable scalable infrastructure, monitoring system, content management system, automatic video clipping, and reporting. Today, with presence in Singapore, Indonesia and Myanmar, Infinit Group is expanding to support our customers across the region. With customer-focused approach and solid teamwork, we continuously build our reputation by successfully delivering prominent solutions to our prestigious clients.


Our mission is to provide highest quality services to reach out to customers with a solution that inspires, excites and accelerate the growth of their business. We differentiate ourselves from others by taking a problem-solution approach, focusing on innovation and creativity to put you far ahead of your industry.

With this in mind, we hold a strong vision to deliver a deeply engaging entertainment experience, so that millions across all generations can enjoy content they love on the device of choice whenever and wherever. We strive to build a cutting-edge mobile platform, designed to drive customer retention and increase customer satisfaction and experience.


Our customers is our motivation
We believe that your business needs is our motivation for creativity and our encouragement to sustain a long-term relationship. We will plan and validate consistently with our customers to ensure industry standards meet and business needs are fulfilled before we start development.

Efficiency is the bridge to Effectiveness
Once core features have been decided, we will start by creating workflows to develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) so that our customers will be able to have a feel of the deliverables and feedback promptly, achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted time or effort.

Innovation comes together with diversity
We aim to attract, recruit, and retain the most knowledgeable and passionate professionals, and are driven to impart a collaborative culture to empower them to thrive professionally and personally.

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